Minns & Arnett is a trial and appellate law firm based in Houston, Texas which tries Federal cases all over the United States. The firm focuses on complex tax matters and professional malpractice cases, with a concentration in criminal tax defense. The firm has litigated cases from New York to California, in Alaska and Hawaii, Texas and Jersey.  We speak the language of Not Guilty.

In addition to litigating criminal and civil tax matters, Minns & Arnett has also successfully pursued malpractice claims against lawyers and accountants, including court orders, attorney malpractice insurance claims, and civil suits for attorney misconduct.

The firm strictly limits the number of clients with criminal tax cases it accepts so clients receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Minns & Arnett is recognized for its ability to successfully litigate highly complex criminal tax cases. Michael Louis Minns has authored two popular books on his trial work and has appeared as a guest on numerous television shows, including Geraldo, CNN, CBS, NBC, and The Today Show.  He is also a respected public speaker and a tireless advocate for individual and economic liberty.