Professional Reviews

“The Underground Lawyer…is the best legal training currently available short of Law School. The author’s sportsmanlike standards carry over to the book. One of the most respected legal minds, and perhaps one of the few honest lawyers in the nation. Easily read and understood.”

Paul DeFosses – CPA, author of IRS Target and IRS: Agency Out of Control & Self-Employed and a former IRS agent and Former President of the IRS Whistle Blowers of America

“Michael Minns writes with a boldness that will inspire the reader as well as instruct him. This volume (is) destined to become a classic for those who love liberty.”

Vern Holland – Legal researcher, author of The Law that Always Was and national lecturer

“The case studies outlined in this book should make you angry, and determined to change a system that has made us a much poorer country, and wrecked such havoc on the lives and liberties of so many good Americans.”

Ron Paul, MD – United States Congressman, 14th District

“The Underground Lawyer…long overdue…crammed full of compassion, satire and humor, while giving the reader a peek into the corrupt cesspool we laymen label ‘The Law’. I know several honest lawyers, and Michael Minns may be the best of the lot…someone had to speak out first — and now he has!”

A.J. Lowery – Editor in Chief, The Justice Times, national civil liberty magazine

“When you box, you wear a metal cup to protect yourself from low blows. This book will be your metal cup to protect you against legal low blows.”

M.E. Brown – Associate Chief, Arson Department, Houston, Texas, former middleweight boxing champion of Texas