"If you are accused of a tax crime and you don't have Michael Minns or his book, pack your toothbrush and tell the family you're going to be a guest of the Feds for a while."

C. Collis Redd, Education Chair for National Association of Enrolled Agents

"Against other tax attorneys the IRS has a 97% conviction rate... One lawyer leaves the field behind, successfully defying those statistics. Minns record is so good there is no second place."

Paul Defosses, CPA and Author of IRS Target and IRS: Agency out of Control

"Working in the tradition of the framers... defending Americans againts the depredations of the tax police..."

Former Congressman Ron Paul

"Buford's Attorney (Minns) in a very able cross examination."

The Honorable Judge Gee of the 5th circuit court of appeals, praising Minns and giving his client a victory. US v. Buford 889 F.2d 1406 (5th Cir.)

"The finest legal mind in America"

Professor Ed Gran, University of Arkansas following the not guilty verdict in Arkansas vs. Ginter

"Minns is a giant"


Professor Bruce Boals,

University of Memphis following Minns not guilty verdict in US vs. Irene Udey

"The outspoken anti-lawyer"

Texas Lawyer Magazine

"Michael Minns blasts corrupt Judges,

Champions the underdog, and even beats up on the IRS."

Houston Metropolitan Magazine

Minns proves "extreme misconduct by the IRS"

New York Times

"Secret IRS deals ruled fraudulent...
IRS spokesman's Terry Lemon said the agency had no comment."

(on Minns case vs. two IRS lawyers punished for misconduct) Houston Chronicle

"IRS Should Apologize"

Montrose Daily Press covering the return of seized property from IRS in Minns client's case

2 Ex-I.R.S. Lawyers' Licenses Suspended for Misconduct

New York Times

IRS Defrauded Tax Court, Judge Rules

New York Times

"District Judge dealt Federal Prosecutors an unusual blow"

Arizona Republic Article on Minns noy guilty verdicts in US vs. Parker

"Minns is America's top criminal tax attorney"

US Observer

"Victory Over the Tax Man"

Minns named outstanding litigator after victory on US vs. Squires,
by Texas Lawyer Magazine

"Michael Minns is, without question, the most brilliant trial strategist in America today. I have seen him win cases under extremely difficult circumstances-in cases that no other lawyer would touch."

W. Patrick Cantrell, JD CPA

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James Moran, Pastor

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Gene Flores, Airlines/Aviation Specialist

"Michael is an excellent attorney. However, one of the things that puts him far above the pack is his integrity and how he sincerely cares for people."

Olivia Hines, Pastor, Logos Christian Center

"I remember searching at a critical moment a few years ago to find out what the win rate of the IRS was. At that point Michael Minns' name also came up with the same high win rate. Let's just say that since that point in time the IRS is down another one and Michael Minns is up one again!"

Frank Blalock, Strategy One LLC

"I can speak from first-hand experience that MIchale Minns is the best criminal tax defense attorney in the country, if you need representation to fight the IRS."

Jimmy Mitlo

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Gary Tjossem, Pilot, Continental Airlines

"It has been around 20 years since (Minns) defended me and saved my family and I from total ruin from the federal government."

Harry Williams, Regional Consultant, Ambit Energy

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Michael McCann, Owner, McCann Appraisal, LLC

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I can think of no one better in Texas or around the USA. Mike's your man!"

Bob Mendelsohn, Regional Director, Jews for Jesus Australia

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Jim Hobbs

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Mary Prince, President, Without Ceasing, Inc.

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Tom Cunningham, Certified Public Accountant, CPSW LLP

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Dan Peters, President, FusionXP, Inc.

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Stephen Squires, Founder, President and CEO, Quantum Materials Corp.

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Frederick Cilurso

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Otis Owens, Owner, Otis Owens Worldwide Investigations

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Stan Manske, Attorney, Manske Law Office, P.C.

"The outspoken anti-lawyer"

Texas Lawyer Magazine

"Michael Minns blasts corrupt Judges,
Champions the underdog, and even beats up on the IRS."

Houston Metropolitan Magazine