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"I highly recommend Michael Minns as he has continually shown a high standard of professionalism and deep rooted knowledge in his field."

Mary Prince, President, Without Ceasing, Inc.

"Michael and his team are extraordinary and uneaqualed."

Stephen Squires, Founder, President and CEO, Quantum Materials Corp. Read More...

"Michael is an excellent attorney. However, one of the things that puts him far above the pack is his integrity and how he sincerely cares for people."

Olivia Hines, Pastor, Logos Christian Center

"Michael Minns is, without question, the most brilliant trial strategist in America today. I have seen him win cases under extremely difficult circumstances-in cases that no other lawyer would touch."

W. Patrick Cantrell, JD CPA

Practice Areas

Criminal Tax Defense

Works with taxing authorities to avert criminal proceedings and eliminate or reduce penalties and civil tax assessments, while creating alternative resolutions to indictment, whenever possible.

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Tax Controversy & Litigation

Works with clients through each stage of the process, from administrative audits up to and including litigation in federal court. It is the firm’s goal to prevent civil tax controversies from becoming criminal matters.

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Legal Malpractice

Committed to maintaining only the highest level of professionalism in the legal field, and will litigate on behalf of their clients if the actions of another attorney caused them harm.

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Accounting Malpractice

Minns & Arnett is willing to represent parties who have suffered significant financial damages as a result of accounting malpractice.

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White Collar Criminal Defense

Minns & Arnett has extensive experience in all stages of state and federal criminal investigations and proceedings, including Fraud, Commercial Bribery and Antitrust Violations.

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Minns & Arnett is a Trial and Appellate Law Firm based in Houston, Texas

Minns & Arnett is a trial and appellate law firm based in Houston, Texas which tries Federal cases all over the United States. The firm focuses on complex tax matters and professional malpractice cases, with a concentration in criminal tax defense. The firm has litigated cases from New York to California, in Alaska and Hawaii, Texas and Jersey. We speak the language of Not Guilty. Read more...

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